Hi i'm Dj Fats from london uk , i'm actually a Veteran as dj go, been dj ing since 1964 thats right and now 71 years young

Hi Dj Fats here, I’m new to this Forum, I’m a Dj in London UK, I am here as I have a Denon MC6000 with Traktor Pro and having trouble setting it up to record mixes.

Woohoo … got me beat by 13 years! I started in 74, 40 years on the decks in May. Here I was thinking I was tough LOL.

Haven’t used the MC6000 in a few years and Traktor even longer ago. What I do remember is that there isn’t too much to set for recorder to work.

What exactly is the trouble you are having?

P.S. Ever had dealings with Juliana’s of London?

Wow, DJ’ing since '64, that is impressive!

Welcome, DJ Fats!

Sorry, I’m not much of a Traktor head these days. I don’t believe the 6000 has any record transport controls, so this is probably more to do with Traktor settings.