Hi from Steve Smart. Newbury. Berkshire. United Kingdom

PHi my name is Steve from Newbury Berkshire in the UK

I have been a DJ for over 30 years now and been using Denon DJ equipment since the first dual CD players where released and have stayed with the Denon brand ever since.

To date I still have a lot of Denon gear I just can’t let go, which includes HC4500, HD2500 media player, DND4500, MC6000, MC6000mk2,

Also 2x SC3900’s with DNX1700 mixer which I would like to sell if anyone’s interested they are in a road ready flight case, in as new condition. Only been used at home.

I am currently using the MCX8000 which is a great bit of kit, and of course waiting the release of the SC5000’s and X1800.

Back to 1980, I never planned to take up Djing it just seemed to happen one day filling my motorbike up at a garage on my way home from work I got asked by the garage owner, a Dj, if I could help him out that night as his roady had let him down and that was it, started doing the warm ups and then 2yrs on ended up working 3 nights a week in some very nice venues. I’m now 52 and still loving it.

Look forward to hear from you

Oooh a Newbury-ist…

Have you been to DJ Kit? One of those shops that’s easy to find… once you’ve found it once. I understand they’re really enthusiastic there to get the SC5000 Prime in store.

Hi DJ Boothe Great to hear from you. Yes. I buy all my gear from them. They are really great guys, and good friends. Already got my new prime gear ordered for the release date, but still want to see engine prime release before they arrive to make sure it works ok, as I have had to much gear relying on engine that’s not up for the job which almost caused me to change, thankfully I didn’t and now it not to far away and support for the MCX8000 as well soon

Well, two pieces of good news on that front. First, Engine Prime isn’t needed gig to gig, as the SC5000 does all the beatgrids, BPM and harmonic key analysis on-board as you load any unanalysed tracks.

The other good news is that I’ve been testing Engine Prime at home for weeks now, with superb results. The cross fader control, to audition how different tracks “go” together, is superb. Also, bulk analysis of over 70,000 files went through in a single, non-stop, fully successful single click - even over a network.

I think that Pioneer wall at DJ Kit, will follow Berlins wall…

Great news.

Can’t wait to get my hands on it. It will be interesting to see what happens to that wall.

Still need the updated software compatable with the MCX8000, any news on when that will be.