Hi from Steve in the UK

Been a dj since the early 1970’s playing in clubs and mobile using mainly Citronic gear at that time. After a break due to work commitments I reinvented myself and went digital. I now primarily play salsa, bachata and African music as well as occasional community radio presenting. Looking forward to getting my new Devon controller. Steve

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Hey Steve, sounds like you got me beat. My first gig was in 74. Can’t remember that Citronic was actually on the market at the time. Must be old age lol. Some of my first gear came from Tandy/Radio Shack. What was it called again … ? Ah yes, Realistic, I think!

I am sure you’ll like your Denon controller. Had a few myself (now the MCX8000) and always happy with the quality.

Amazing how far we’ve come in those 40-odd years.

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Cheers DJ Vintage,

Yes equipment has changed so much over the years.

I started Djing at local youth clubs in about 1970 using BSR turntables in a homemade console linked to an cheap unbranded mixer, valve amp and own made 2x12" cabs. Moved onto bigger and regular gigs using a Disco Supplies, of Chadwell Heath, unit and replaced that with a Citronic Avon powered console (I still have it) and Roger Squires speakers then onwards and upwards improving each time!

Using a Pioneer controller now with FBT active speakers. So much easier than the years moving so much kit and vinyl.

Our backs are loving it. Being a mobile DJ with vinyls was no fun. We toted like 4 large crates with albums, 12" and 7" around. And the amount of space needed to put it all so you could find it. I think it is one of the reasons our booths were so wide :smile:, that way we’d have a long stretch of back wall behind us to put up tables with the vinyls.