Hi EQ Audio sounds unclear

My prime 4+ audio is sounding unclear. Ive got the high eq knob up full, my monitor up max high eq, the xonar/iso at 1000khz and still sounds unsharpened. I can play mp3s via my mobile to a bluetooth speaker and it sounds clearer than this unit. Even my pc speakers which i bought back in 2002 sound crisp as and can be over trebled in the eq settings. Why does the prime not have high eqs like the edjing app, or mixxx pc program or virtual dj on pc? Eveything sounds like a cd except when I play any of my tracks on this device.

Can you post a video of the issue you’re having please, your comment isn’t entirely clear around what the problem is.

It reads like you’re trying to play music with the EQ maxed out, then complaining it doesnt sound correct?

What type of file are you playing? What’s the bit depth and sample rate? Is it a modern tune or an old one?

Is your sweep FX knob centred and all FX disengaged?

What is “my monitor”? Make and model please. How are you listening to the Prime output? What’s connected to where? Are you only using ONE monitor?

What’s a “xonar/iso”? I can only find reference to an ASUS sound card.

I’m assuming you wrote 1000khz in error as no human would be able to hear that.


I do. The treble or higha knob is up max because the clarity just isnt hearable. I’m surprised I have to play it like this coz just playing mp3 files on windows media player is like playing a cd on a hifi system. Not getting near yhat quality from the Prime.

So what you have to put into perspective, If this was a global issue with the Prime 4+/Denon products then there would countless reports of it being a problem.

Based on the fact there isn’t widespread reports, you need to be looking at things you have added to the arrangement, i.e. your music files (what quality are they, where were they sourced etc), your cables (are they good quality balanced XLR cables), your sound system (what make and model is it, are they powered by a good quality amp etc).

Ive been using a Prime 2 for over 2 years, solely in a professional environment, and ive never turned the high EQ dial past the 12 o’clock click.

The only thing I can suggest is A: post a video of it happening, and B: consider sharing the music file so other people can test it on their own systems.

I guess this is the X-over crossover settings? (autocorrect I guess!).

Check that there’s no filter active and that the output though the main board sounds like the headphone output. There could also be an issue with the output (bad caps or the output is out of phase etc). It’s been reported in some threads that the top end isn’t as clear to some and could be clearer and I was one of the ones that noticed it too. A manufacturing defect can make an output sound bad and if it’s REALLY bad (as it sounds) then that could be a possibility.

I have a launch day Prime 4 and found the XLRs sounding so bad I had to run it via the RCA Master Out in the club. This isn’t a knock on the gear as I still have it and love it but when I took it into the club it sounded like the life was sucked out of it yet RCA output sounded great. I have a residency seven nights a week in this one place so used it time and time again. I think something it’s phasing yet the DJM-850 that I take the cables from sounds fine.

I think something somewhere is funky in my unit but I never took it back. I just connect via RCA.

Here is one thread of a few: Prime 4 - harsh/Muddy sound quality when loud? - #6 by MrWilks

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