Hey y'all! Switching over from Pioneer

I’m Dj St3rling. I’m from the west coast, USA. I’m a club DJ. My favorite genre to perform is electro house.

I spent majority of my career performing with Pioneer equipment (NXS2 CDJ’s). However, I’m slowly converting over to Team Denon! I have both, the Prime 4 & Prime GO DJ controllers.

I also spend a lot of time making tutorial videos and helping USers on forums. Feel free to follow me on social media:

Cheers, -Dj St3rling


Hi @DjSt3rling, welcome to the forum and family!

I’ve kept this post to have one link to your socials. Otherwise it’s becoming a bit of a spam. :wink:

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Welcome from Greece Athens.

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Hey & welcome to “team Denon”.

I have played on everything and the kitchen sink and I am thoroughly pleased with my P4. The only reason there isn’t a Go next to it, is the Covid-19 situation which is hampering my spending power atm :-D.

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business is business :wink:

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Welcome to the forum @DjSt3rling

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