Help update Firmware Dn D4500Mk2

Hi friends! I have 4 new Dn d4500MK2 units stored for a long time, I recently used them in an event and they failed to read the USB flash drive, where can I download the manual and firmware of the latest version available?. Denondj is not included in the support section. I appreciate the information, thank you…

I have no clue how to update it. But the way you format a USB stick makes a big difference. Have you tried FAT32? Are the files regular MP3’s or some more exotic format? I would suggest to try and download the manual first, and figure this out.

It’s not under legacy devices. I’ll ask around for that.

My guess would be to format the drive as FAT32 as well.

This I got out of an internet found manual.


  • Depending on the type of mass-storage USB memory device or portable music player, it may take some time for this unit to recognize the device.
  • Do not connect devices or cables that do not conform to USB standards.
  • USB memory devices will not work via a USB hub.
  • NTFS format USB memory devices and HDDs are not supported. If used, this unit may malfunction.
  • When using a HDD that has an automatic power ON/OFF function that switches the HDD power on and off in sync with the computer, disable this function in the settings.
  • The maximum capacity of USB memory devices and HDDs you can use is 2 TB.
  • This unit cannot format USB memory devices or HDDs.


  • Has the unit initialized the USB memory device with applicable formats? (FAT 16/FAT 32)
  • Are you using a USB hub? If so, directly connect the USB memory device to a USB port on the front panel of the unit.
  • Are you using a USB extension cable? If so, directly connect the USB memory device to the USB port on the front panel of the unit.
  • Are the USB memory device contents applicable to this unit? Use the “Files” menu to confirm whether the contents are applicable to the unit.
  • When a USB memory device of 192 MB or less is formatted with FAT 32, this unit may not be able to read it. If that is the case, format it with FAT 16.
  • This unit does not support a USB memory device containing encrypted data.

Btw, I’ve closed all other topics on this. They were 4 years old.

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Hi Guys,

I asked about this a couple of years ago and no body got back to me about it… I believe the last firmware was 1202? I also asked for this MK2 model to be added into the legacy support section on DenonDj website but it was never added for some unknown reason? Would be nice if someone could list it.:pray: Mine still works today! Cracking bit of kit

Cheers Woody

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Hi Reese! Thank you for taking the time to answer, I bought my DND4500MK2 in 2012, I never used it until the present date, I have information that in 2014 they updated the firmware to the Sys1202 version, with this update the jamming when playing from a USB flash drive, fixed audible noise when continuously playing a split WAV file or changing tracks, and fixed inverted L/R outputs when playing a WAV file. Please can you help me to get this latest firmware update and its instructions? After updating my Denon I will review everything you mentioned in your previous comment.

I thank you for the collaboration…

Jose Luis Vivas

Like I said, I’ll ask around, but as a mod I don’t have access to those files.

I had the HC4500 myself, as my last “old” Denon device, but that’s a completely different firmware of course.

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Hi Reese! Thank you for asking in technical support about my query, I will be attentive to your comments, thanks for your time, greetings…

Hey Jose, I went and searched one of my old DJ laptops where I saved a lot of old DenonDjForums “stuff”, and I was able to find the 4500mk2 user manual for you.

I might also have the update file as well somewhere. If I do find it I’ll upload here. In the meantime, here’s the manual. The link will expire in 14 days (on March 24th). If by the time you see this post and the link no longer works, PM me or just respond to this thread so I get an alert. I’ll upload it again.

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Hi, friend! Thanks for reading my topic, I am about to give up the search for the DND4500MK2 firmware, I have not had a response from Denon technical support and I have 4 new drivers not working due to the failures they present without this update. Please search your files again, take some free time for this, honestly you are my last chance to get this firmware and its application manual, I will be very grateful if you help me to solve this problem, thanks again…

Hey @jlproducction - Try this link under Legacy Products - Software downloads, manuals and documentation - Denon DJ Hope it helps, if not, shoot me a DM and I’ll ask the team. Just need your email and phone number.

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This should be it. Many thanks to InMusic techsupport Ratingen. (419.2 KB)


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Thanks Anthony and Reese. :slightly_smiling_face: