Help to Sync with Engine

Hello everyone, I would like some help to definitively learn how to use the dj engine’s sync function, I will describe the steps below, remembering that my entire library is on external drives (SSD’s):

Step 1: I turn on the computer (macbook pro)

Step 2: I open Engine Dj

Step 3: I connect my EXTERNAL SSD to the macbook

Step 4: I connect the USB cable to the Prime 4 and activate desktop mode.

After all these steps, I do all my edits, markings, delete songs, add songs (everything on the Prime 4 drive), all the modifications I do directly ON THE PRIME 4 DRIVE through the desktop engine, once that’s done, the question is : if I click on synchronize with the collection in the engine, I transfer the modifications I made on the PRIME 4 drive to the desktop engine collection or synchronize the information from the desktop engine collection to the PRIME 4 drive, this is the My insecurity, when synchronizing, do I pass all the corrections/additions/deletions/markings to the computer collection or do I lose all my work bringing back everything I don’t want, another very important issue is that I need to pass all these modifications for the other backup drives, I would love to be able to do everything I need on just one drive, synchronize with the macbook collection and then connect the other drives and work my way back, could someone explain to me in detail how the synchronization works . thanks.

I personally wouldn’t work in that order full stop.

This is how I work, and have no issues.

  • Turn on computer
  • Attach drives and ensure they are connected and readable
  • Open Engine desktop
  • Make all changes to tracks in base collection
  • Put Prime 4 in computer mode
  • connect laptop
  • sync data to Prime 4

The only time I use sync data back to Engine is when ive had a gig/set and I want to put changes ive made on device back to the desktop app, this needs to be done before you make any changes on your desktop app however, because you will overwrite them with data from the device.


@STU-C Okay, thanks for your answer, after having several problems synchronizing the desktop collection to any of my drives, I’m doing the opposite way, what I’d really like to know is:

• Modify the desktop collection and click on synchronize, I transport the changes from the collection to the connected drives and if I do the opposite, modify the drives and synchronize with the desktop collection, are the changes from the drive transported to the desktop collection? Thanks.

So what I do, I make sure I’m never in a position where I’m overwriting data on either the desktop or my drive.

Take this weekend for example, I had 2 gigs, i know that I’ll be modifying my tracks during those two gigs, so last week I did my track prep on the software then exported it to the drive in my Prime 2. I won’t now touch any existing music on my desktop app until I’ve plugged the Prime 2 back in after the gigs and synced any changes back, at that point I know everything is up to date and I can do more prep on the desktop app.

Last night I edited the grid and got cues on about 20 tracks whilst I was mixing them so all those changes will need to be synced back to my desktop collection from my Prime 2 before I do anything else on my desktop.

Obviously I’m ok to add new music to the desktop as that won’t be impacted by any changes, I just can’t do anything with existing music.

Hope this makes sense?


My step-by-step:

First of all I’m using iTunes / Music as my main music manager.

All folders I have there is constructed in ONE main folder, called All Music.

And then imported to Engine Dj.

Regarding sync between player and macbook/ computer, this is how I do every time:

  1. Turn on SC6000 with built in SSD.

  2. Connect SC6000 to Macbook

  3. Open Engine Dj on Macbook.

  4. Go to Computer Mode on SC6000.

  5. Go to Sync in Engine Dj

  6. Sync back from SSD to Engine Dj to get the changes I have made to tracks on a gig, back in to the database.

  7. Edit new tracks in Engine Dj

  8. Go to Sync again and transfer the new data back on to the SSD.

This way I ensure that all new data from (New hotcues et) a gig doesnt get lost before I sync newly added tracks etc back on the SSD

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