Help Please Apple Music into engine

Hello, I have recently invested in a Prime 2 & setting up Engine. Previously I did school discos and parties as a volunteer and used Apple Music, a mixer and a MacBook, my plan is to take my DJing to the next level hence the prime 2.

Anyway I am having issues getting the Apple Music files into Engine on my MacBook share xml is checked and the xml file is in the location it shows, keep music organised is ticked, In Engine Apple Music is on but their is no location button to allow me to set the location, I say this as on my old windows laptop there is a location button but I cannot get any files stored after iTunes was replaced by Apple Music, on the MacBook it does not find any Apple Music files.

If I had hair I would have pulled it out by now so does anyone have any ideas?

As @kradcliffe already said you have to purchase the songs.

If you are looking for streaming services to use with Prime 2, Tidal and Soundcloud are the most affordable whereas with Beatport and Beatsource you get more DJ orientated tracks.

To purchase songs from Apple Music is super easy with the link in the song menu which brings you directly to the song in the iTunes Store.

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Thanks, appreciate your replies it makes sense now.

I am using Tidal which I like, I am guessing as those are subscription files also they cannot be saved just streamed ?

I am considering getting a HD for the prime for storage

correct! you can only stream them, but their metadata is saved, so next time you play the tracks all your hot cues and loops are still there. you will even see the track title in your storage amongst your local tracks

Get a SSD

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