HELP My MCX 8000 crashed

Hi all

Tonight I turned on my MCX8000, playing vinyl, and found out that my USB flash doesn’t worked. So I connected SERATO. Channels 1 & 2 controled SERATO, but no screan on the MCX. It stays on blue screan sayong “DENON MCX 8000”. Switched chanels 3 & 4 on PC, and It works. Got the waveform and it controles. But, I canno’t go on the library on the MCX screans.

So I found out that I got no more firmware menu. No Utility menu … etc. The view button is “faded blue”, not “intense blue” whenI push it. I cannot reset my MCX, with utility meny, and I cannot try to UPGRADE, because USB decks are not working (no electricity)

Can you help ? Is there an other way to reset or re install the firmware ?

Thank you

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Try a different USB pen drive just in case that one usb drive is causing the problem, but aside from that, you’d need to have your MCX looked at by a service center.


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