Help language for searching

Hello. Is it possible to add a language change in prime 4 ? I’m having problems when searching in English. I need another language for searching. Thanks.

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Unfortunately not. Searches are performed without an accents within characters.

You can press and hold the letter on the on screen keyboard to see and use accent marks from most characters, for example holding the e shows ė, è, ë etc…

It’s not possible to switch to another character set or keyboard language indeed

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Has the issue of it not finding accented characters been fixed? I know it wouldn’t find the ones I had loaded via Serato import.

Ar my end it works fine in the OS. On the iMac I have issues with repeating characters, since you have to hold the letter too and Engine DJ does not understand to pause the input.

My big wish is a setting in preferences allowing to use Special characters or ignore/wildcard them (like é, ë, ê, è, ę, ė and ē are all treated as ‘e’ and á, ä, â, à, æ, ã, å, ā are all treated as ‘a’ and ó, ö, ô, ò, õ, œ, ø, ō are all all treated as ‘o’, etc etc…

Numark did this on the D2 Director and DDS and it makes searching so much easier as typing Tiesto would show results for both Tiesto and Tiësto for example. I made a request back then but I think it has gone lost when the new voting system was introduced

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Yeah, that would be the dream.

I still get issues with searching etc after importing Serato DJ databases and exporting to a stick (not drag & drop). Looks like I’ll need to revisit this.