Help!engine prime playlist organization

I’m having a problem with Engine Prime.When I try to export my playlists onto my usb drive, it works but all of my tracks are organized into Artist folders.How do I make it so my tracks are available in the original playlists or just in one big playlist? It is EXTREMELY annoying to have to click through each artist and then into a secondary folder just to get to 1-5 tracks.

I think you’re finding this to be an issue when you want to use that playlist, or group of tracks at least, on something other than your Denon unit, yes? You want those tracks in their own folder rather than in a new mini library on some secondary thumb drive?

As a stop gap until they find some other way, you may want to consider building a database of a pre-exising drive of tracks, however your tracks are arranged, then creating a playlist on that drive itself within EP. My understanding is that the playlist on the hardware players then points to wherever the tracks already are on the drive. If you export the playlist to another drive, that’s when it does the iTunes-like grouping of tracks by artist, which, like you, I also don’t use.

The other method I can think of off the top of my head would be just to manually copy those tracks into their own folder and number them in the order you want, then have EP analyze that new drive with this new folder as another database. Similarly, if you just want quick access on non-Prime-compatible gear to the same same tracks in a particular existing playlist on some random thumb drive, there’s only one playlist really on that drive, you don’t organize your files like iTunes (you and me both in this case), and don’t mind taking up more space on that drive, you could (on a Windows computer) go to the parent directory of all those individual artist folders in that playlist, search with asterix period asterix to see all the tracks, copy the tracks, and stick them in another dedicated folder for them. It takes up twice the space, obviously, but I’ve done that when I want quick access to Rekordbox playlists’ tracks in one spot on gear from other brands. Again, this doesn’t work if the drive has multiple playlists on it.

If I’m wrong in any of the above, someone please correct me, but it is to the best of my understanding. Hope that helps at least a little.