Help engine lighting one SC6000, one LC6000 and X1800

Hello, I have a configuration, one SC6000, one LC6000 and the X1800. I tried engine lighting with the Philips Hue, which works but on only one track. Is it possible to operate the 2 tracks with this configuration, if so how to proceed with engine lighting. I praise you in advance. Sincerely


That should work. Have you tried stopping engine lightning and starting it again? Is the SC6000 connected to the x1800 with a lan cable? In what slot is it connected?

You can try to push all faders up while the LC is playing. If the light starts to work you know that the SC is not connected to the right LAN slot or the audio cables don’t match.

then it only works on one side, on deck A, but deck B (SC6000) does not work. the RJ45 cable is plugged into port 1. yes I have already restarted, turned everything off and on again, still the same.

Deck A is always the SC player. Deck B is always the LC.

Here is a Diagramm how to connect the player to the mixer.

thank you, it works perfectly well. because I had connected it to 3 and 4 and I put it on 1 and 2 now everything works perfectly. Thank you for your help. Is there a way for it to work on faders 3 and 4 because this is my final configuration.

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You’re welcome!

Yes just connect the SC to port 3 if you want the SC on channel 3 or connect it to port 4 if you want the SC on channel 4.

BUT you can’t use channel 3&4 with one SC player. It’s always 1&2 or 3&4 if you want to control your lights.

I understand better now, I think I will buy another SC. I thank you very much for your help.