Help!!!Dns 1200 firmware update

Anyone here who has a firmware update for dns1200? TIA…


The latest firmware for this model is on the main DenonDJ website, under Legacy products, then model number.

Good afternoon, I had a problem with my DN-S1200 denon units, I was updating and disconnected early and now it doesn’t turn on, what can I do about it, does it have any solution ??? … thanks

Hi @djwada and welcome to the forum!

I hope a forum member can chip in for this legacy product.

Another suggestion would be to contact the support team for further assistance:

Denon DJ Global Support

Thanks for the heads up @Reese

@djwada - where in the world are you based? I’ll connect you to our tech support team in the relevant territory from there.


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Hi Paul. Also looking for a firmware update for dn-s1200 if possible please.

@MickeyMantoch, you can find it on the Denon DJ website (main one). It can be found in their “Legacy” section.

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