Hi. I have an intermittent issue that I can’t figure out.

please listen to the clip below.

I was recording a 2hr show, and on playback I noticed this noise from about 5 mins in. it lasted for about another 30 mins, then just disappeared! no more noise!

I wasn’t using any FX (on board or vdj), the levels were well within my normal parameters (nothing above the green).

it would be understandable if I were pushing the system, and that the noise was present throughout the entire 2hr set. but the fact that it’s only half an hour, then it’s ok, is baffling. so this is not making sense to me.

does anybody know why this is happening? and what I can do to rectify.

cheers stan

Which unit were you using and were you recording internally or externally thought a soundcard?

hi. using the prime 2, controlling vdj

It sounds like either a bad connection from the machine to the laptop or you had the recording levels far too high and its clipping (more likely).

Were you using VDJ to record the set or the built in record feature of the prime 2?

ASIO buffer settings too low? Doesn’t sound like overload distortion/clipping to me. VDJ has autogain and a master limiter anyway which makes that unlikely.

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I was using vdj to record

I hadn’t changed any of the settings. but what do you think the asio should be set to, so I can check it out

I’ve had similar sounding recordings from my vinyl rips when I had the levels set too high in Serato which was what made me suggest, but yeah it could be the computer itself.

If it’s a PC/Windows (doesn’t matter what version), go into Settings>Device Manager>expand Universal Serial Bus controllers, right-click USB Root Hub, and then select Properties. In the USB Root Hub Properties (check other USB devices as well) dialog box, select the Power Management tab. And make sure the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” check box is UNCHECKED. Common issue for USB audio devices on Windows (like since the 90’s), this causes so many problems.

thank you. I will try that & let you know the outcome

It’s not what I think, it’s what your computer can manage. If it’s too low now, that could be the cause of the glitching. Raise it and see if it helps.