Hello there, from Germany

Hi Denon DJ Forum members,

my name is Jan, I’m from germany. I write a littel DJ based tech blog for beginners. I do deejaying now for 10 years in business, mostly as a mobile party DJ or wedding DJ with own PA, light and DJ equipment. Hope to find new freinds here!

Best regards, Jan

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Welcome great to have you here!

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Hi Neighbor, is the blog in German or English?

Good to meet you here.

Hit there, its a blog in German Language

Hello buddy. In my point of view, you should post links to your blog and booking-site here… :wink:

It would be nice to see how the Denon Prime Series works in Germany…

i don’t know if it’s allowed here to post websites for commercial reasons, but i’ll give it a try: https://deejay-basics.de https://muellerschmidt.de