Hello, I'm in....Delaware

Hello, my name is Josh Norwood, but I go by DJ Wood. I’ve been actively working 16 years, though I started earlier in college, then took time off to try the whole day job thing. Came back home to the beach area, and started my own business. Now I perform in Ocean City, MD year round, and so seasonal gigs in the local Delaware Beach area. 4 years ago I also took a part time weekend spot in radio at Ocean 98.1 WOCM.

I do bar and night clubs regularly, as well as private events and weddings. I spent some time contracting with a fundraising company doing middle school reward parties, so I have a lot of emcee work as well running the events.

My current rig includes Denon DNHP-1000 headphones, as well as switching between MC6000 MK 1 & 2. But I have also been a steadfast Denon devotee, having used the X500 mixer, DND-6000, 4500, and HC-4500 cd players/controllers. As far as wishlist gear, I’d like to try out the HP-1100’s, but with 2 sets of 1000’s I can’t justify buying until these break.

Fantastic to have you with us and thanks for your support!