Hello from the Entertainment Capital of the World

Hi Gang,

My name is Tony and I am from Orlando, Florida. Is this still the entertainment capital of the world? Maybe. Not sure. I’ve been DJ’ing since 1997 and own NVision Productions. I currently DJ for the Theme Parks here in Orlando and looking forward to my 4th year DJ’ing NYE at Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom for about 80,000 people park wide. It is an unreal experience. I do this full time and have a few DJs under me. Our main focus is theme parks, resorts, and school dances. I currently use the DenonDJ MC6000MK2 for its portability as most of my gigs I walk in and setup my mixer and lap top and go. So I need something I can carry around on my shoulder and not have to drag with carts every where. It has been very dependable and my other guys use the same mixer. I’m interested in the MC7000 and love the idea of the dual DJ and curious if I’m not using a second laptop or DJ if I can plug my usb to lighting cable into my iPad or phone for additional charging and play back capabilities. That would be cool. Nice to meet everyone.

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Nice to meet you too.

Wich is not enough characters, hence this totally useless and besides the point addition.

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