Hello from the DragonBoy

Hello. I have been a long-time vinyl DJ since the 80’s. I got my start DJing in a skating rink, then getting an FM radio show, then moving on to clubs and raves and parties. I became a drum & bass DJ for a long while until I encountered the DJ Icee record Encyclopedia Funktanica, and the Florida funky breaks forever infected me. I still spin DnB and house occasionally but breakbeats have become my main forte. It all depends on the event/venue of course.

I still spin vinyl as much as I can, but back in May, I got a Denon MCX8000. I figured it would be great for house parties and small gigs where I couldn’t really bring turntables and heavy crates of records. I’ve used it mixed between standalone and as a Serato controller. There are a couple features/changes I would like to suggest, but I should probably save those for a separate topic.