Hello from New York City

Hi All,

Thank you for the invite, this looks like the start of a fun place to be! :smiley:

I got into the Denon loop a few years back with a mixer and HD digital series mixer. Recently, I’ve spent more time producing and releasing music for my Label - AniRhythm , which is also my artist name, - I’m on Beatport, Spotify, Itunes, Twitter etc …

I’m also a promoter for kingsofspins.com

Aside from this I also do CG and learning animation - which I do mainly to promote my label and releases but I’ve also done freelance work for other video directors / game developers.

I’m also a big gamer. mmorpg / strategy / pvp type stuff. - I dream of one day starting an #EDM guild of DJ’s, artists, and creatives! not there yet, just have fun dreaming about it for now, as my workload can be hectic.

I’ve been contemplating getting my Online Mixshows back up - I use to run a popular one but building my label and freelancing was taking the lion’s share of my time so I let it drop for a while. This forum will give me a chance to see what everyone else is doing / using these days.

I look forward to the discussions that will come from this forum!