Hello from Montreal, Canada! DNINØ aka dj Oren D

Hey everyone!

I’m from Montreal Canada (born & raised), lived in New Jersey / Florida for about 8 years (Florida is where I fell in love with underground music and held my first club residency! Moved back to Montreal and now I have a 9 years (& running) residency at Circus Afterhours, Beach Club, played at Black & Blue (2014) as well as played along-side the world’s best Dj’s such as; Jerome Isma-Ae, Marco V, Gareth Emery, Guy J, Mark Knight, Sander Kleinenberg, Koen Groenveld & many many more…

I’ve originally learned how to mix on Vinyl, then moved on to CDJ’s / DJM setup I owned a pair of CDJ’s 1000Mk3s and a DJM 800 Mixer with rotary knob conversion kit. From there I went to a full “hybrid” Traktor setup which consisted of a Allen & Heath Xone 4D mixer, 2x NI Kontrol D2’s and a NI Maschine Jam to my current setup which I’m MADLY :heart_eyes: in love with: 2x Denon Prime SC5000’s, Denon prime X1800 mixer, a pair of KRK Rokits 10/3 Gen 4’s and AIAIAI TM-a2’s :slight_smile:

I’m SOOOO happy to have made the switch to the Denon Prime ecosystem and definitely looking forward to see how far this system will go with all upcoming updates!!!

I’m also part of the Denon Engine Prime Beta team and as a daily and avid user of the platform hope to help shape the software to where it needs to be!

Much Love :heart:

Oren D


Cheers! I’m new on the forum and from Montreal as well as the new owner of a MCX8000! With a SoundSwitch cable on the way!

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Hey @NormD ! Welcome to the Denon DJ family! if there’s anything you’re not sure of or have any questions don’t be shy I’ll try to answer you to the best of my knowledge

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Thank-you for the support!

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yeah man anytime :slight_smile: