Hello from Magdeburg (Germany)

Hi out there!

I’m somehow a trance music enthusiastic guy, who lives in Magdeburg. A project, which I started on my 25th birthday is Magdeburg in Trance (MiT): https://www.magdeburgintrance.de/

Actually I am re-focussing a lot as my own boss for different areas in computer science, multimedia services and events. My plans are to make multimedia usages and presentations (including DJing stuff) easier and handy. UI/UX bekame very important for me. The Denon MCX8000 is a device, which seems quite nice for further acting… Here is a short preview of my actual Sound and Light setup: https://vimeo.com/tcuhimself/20170130

additional key points: TCU Trancefamily MCX8000-User I.MM.E.R http://the-see-u.biz

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Thank you for joining us its great to have you here!

Hi, good to know other German folks here! :wink: