Hello From Leeds Lad Not In Leeds

Hi. I lived in Leeds until I was 38 and then moved to Prince Edward Island Canada in 2006 DJed on and off since 85/6. I bought some Software after leaving Leeds as Records were getting too expensive and not practical living here. Bought Torq DVS which was great but switched to Traktor and sold my 1210s to buy Denon 3700s that I still have but used less as life & work got in the way. Bought a Xone 96 mixer when they came out and got really interested in using my decks again and then purchased some 6000 M which I received in October and I love them. Just missing the Effects from Traktor. M.O.T!

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Welcome bud.

Love a bit of Leeds. I work in a ship that goes to Canada (east coast) all the time and it’s a great place to be. You did well.

I still have my fully boxed Torq and was going to give to to the brother-in-law to get into DVS as a starter point.

I thought Torq was great. The MIDI programming was a breeze. Unfortunately its near impossible to break into the marked regardless of how good the product is. I actually wish Traktor could be integrated into the SC6000/M so I could use the effects. I also think Traktor beat gridding is second to none. Denon hardware is fantastic though. We just found out no cruise ships coming to PEI until at least 2022. Massive loss for this tiny island but better safe than sorry. Only 3 active cases on the island and no deaths or hospitalizations since the start. I feel very lucky to live here right now as I know many people are in terrible state right now.

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We was regulars in Quebec and Halifax as I work on the Cunard QM2. I love doing the month around trip on the east coast.

There is a many people wanting the Traktor implementation and it would be interesting to see if the new owners of Traktor want to work with Denon DJ. I’m sure there will be many happy people on the forums if so.

Let’s hope so.

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