Hello from Hertfordshire, UK

Just popping in to introduce myself :slight_smile: Ex mobile (everyone had to start somewhere), then moved into an indy club in Luton, then ‘mainstream’ with Rank / Northern Leisure though back then I was somewhat of a vinyl junky. 2 major health scares ended my fun in 2000 :frowning: Dabbled with a little messing around mixing MP3s on my laptop a few years back, then onto an MC2000 (didnt enjoy that experience as I thought it was a little too easy). Backwards step onto a set of CDJ800s and back to CDs but (and why im here) just purchased a couple of SC2900s so I can play with CD and MP3/WAV and also hook the laptop up if I want it. Genre is 90s House. Garage and RnB though more than happy to mix in some 70s Disco (for obvious reasons). Just in the middle of re-branding under the DJIainB / 90sClubClassics umbrella and hopefully starting a regular 90s nights (albeit on CD / MP3 as my back cant handle carrying 12s around anymore LOL)

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Welcome to the forums, its so great to have you with us!