Hello From Camelot Sound

Mixing since 1980. Harmonic mixing since 1986. Designed Camelot Wheel keycodes in 1991, based on Circle Of Fifths.


Welcome to the forums Camelot … a lot of DJs that I know of, including myself know of your excellent and easy to follow reference wheel for adding harmonic mixing to their skill sets and ultimately, their sets.

The new Denon DJ SC5000 deck offers Camelot notation for all of its key processing too.

If you have a slideshow or animation for those who have yet to reap the benefits of harmonic mixing using Camelots inner/outer ring and clockwise1/counterclockwise1 wheel to take their sets to the next level, please feel free to share a link.

Welcome again, and enjoy your time on the forums!

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As DJ_Boothe, said. A very warm welcome Camelot Sound - great to have you here

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To echo both @DJ_Boothe and @paul_denondj, welcome to the forums, @Camelot! :slight_smile:

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Can I give the guy more than 1 like ??? Please ???

Howdy Camelot, you are -without a doubt- the savior of all the DJs that can’t or won’t learn scales for whatever reason but still want to do some harmonic mixing.

I remember a UK DJ magazine starting with publishing key-info with new tracks in the early 80s or so. The only problem at the time was that the moment you touched the pitch fader on your SLs you’d lose the key. If you were not a musician, trying to figure out semi-tone increments in pitch was just a nightmare. I hate to admit it, but I gave up trying after a while.

But since your wheel and modern technology as keylock and even keymatching I am back on the scene :smiley:

So, let me -virtually- give you all my likes for the day :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

Greetinx, Chuck

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