Hello from Boston MA

Hi I’m a mobile DJ from Boston MA that has been doing events for over 32 years now all over New England. I’m proud to say I’ve ALWAYS used Denon DJ equipment (music source and mixers) and have been very happy with their rock-solid performance. At the same time, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that all of my systems are still equipped with the DN-HD2500s and I am badly in need of upgrading to some newer technology. Just trying to figure out what to move to. The issue I have is that I have all of my music files organized into folders by artist and I’m not sure the Engine software can handle the number of music folders I have on my hard drive (mostly wav files). If anyone has a suggestion of new kit to go with I would really appreciate it. I haven’t had any hands-on experience with Serato or any of the other tools yet. Looking forward to learning here at the forum, even though I know it will lead to me spending some $$$. Thanks!