Hello forum members!

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself. my name is Efren, and began to make my first steps into DJ back on 2006 (I was 18 at the time) playing music for my friends’ parties mainly for fun, because I had a Denon 2500F in our house and a generous collection of cds. I also have vinyl collection, near 1000.

While today djing is not my main source of income, I do events for friends, family members and co-workers, not very often, but I love my DJ gear and play with it in my free time. After the 2500F I went to a halt due to college and other personal matters, but the interest for djing returned in 2012 when I was dating a woman whose father was a local radio station director (I say was because I believe he’s retired now) and he has a pair of technics 1200 and two cdj-800 in his house, so I spent a lot of time in his studio back in the day learning with him.

After that, I invested in Dj controllers I had a Numark Mixtrack pro 3, a Denon MC7000 (which failed after 7 months) went for a Pioneer DDJ-1000 while the denon was in repair, sold the Denon, I stayed with the 1000 for 5 years since 2018. But during these 5 years I being eyeing the prime series and missing the feeling of my MC7000 and in June got the Prime 4+, because I wanted to try the unit, see how engine OS works and to leave my laptop at home to prevent accidents when I play outside. Also to have a backup unit, the DDJ-1000 is number 2 now, is now resting inside its flightcase since the Prime arrived.

I must say, while im not overwhelming impressed with the Prime 4+, (maybe because I already read a lot and saw every video about Engine, the good and bad of course) I do recognize I’m very pleased and satisfied with it, and it feels almost perfect. It obviously has some things to fix, nothing made by humans is perfect, but overall is a 10 out of 10. Well done Denon!

Now about my musical taste, I do.like Rock, Heavy metal, Blues, Jazz, pop, classics from 50’s through 90’s, house, trance, psychedelic and goa trance, but when playing for the crowds, I have to adapt myself and play waht they want, despite my own taste, but I always like to play some of my mixes and others from my own collection.

Well, I think I wrote a whole encyclopedia here. Just wanted to share a bit of me with you guys and I hope to be useful for the rest of the forum when necessary. I didn’t came here to rant or to cry about the problems I have with my gear, to criticize or compare this brand with the other like many usually do. Well only if needed, but in a constructive way.

By the way, I’ll point out the pros and cons I have with the 4+ if someone is interested to know more about the unit.

Bye for now, and keep those platters spinning!


Welcome, just as I read all the pros and cons of the Prime series and after using Pioneer for many years, every day I am more happy to use my Prime 4, zero problems, a device that gives us improvements and updates from time to time , making it far superior to the competition. I invite you to use the feature requests and vote for the ideas you like the most (10 votes) and create your new suggestions, at Denon they listen to the DJs and also make them participate in their beta versions to improve even more day by day . Thank you for sharing your experience, greetings now… let’s read and mix!!!

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Thanks for the welcome and sharing your thoughts about your P4, a great device indeed.

I’ll check the suggestions made to vote. I have some ideas too that could be interesting.

I’ll try the 4+ stems beta and will be reporting whatever I found that needs to be fixed or improved.

Greetings and happy mixing.

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And the 2500f was a beautiful beast!

Certainly! We had two in the main dancefloor area at Alcazar. I bought one myself back then as well.

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It was a great device indeed.