Heat generated under the unit

Underneath the right side display, the unit seems to be blistering hot, yet not so on the other side. obviously the power supply is on the right side. The heat seams to be unreasonable.

@atlantadj same with prime 4 almost burned my hand, never had an issue though… some screen ghosting althought screen is cold dont know if it’s the reason

Considering that you’ve replied to a thread that hadn’t had any other comments on it in 4 whole years, I wouldn’t worry about “excess” heat.

Especially as your unit, a Prime 4, is not only different to the mcx8000 that the original poster mentioned 4 years ago, but the two units were designed and built by two entirely different companies.

It could be that your own individual model has suffered from a rare or unique heat sink slippage so that a warm part is closer to the outer casing than anyone else’s model, but I doubt it’s much more than that.

One of my MCX8000 units used to get really hot underneath at the back. A couple of weeks after I noticed it the unit completely failed during a gig as the main board had burned itself out. Be careful!