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Hi, I feel a bit silly writing this so please, bare with me. I’m completely new to Denon Dj and more or less any DJ equipment on the market. I went from a Numark iDJ Pro to the PRIME4. It’s like going from a horse to a Ferrari. I wanted to aim (very) high when upgrading. Some would perhaps say too high. But here goes;

Question Say I’ve loaded a song on both track 1 and track 2. When I turn the crossfader to the left side (track) i want my setting to play track 2 in my headset, and the oppsite when i turn the crossfader to the right side… Right now my headset are basically playing what’s coming out of the speaker. Where do i change this? I’m pretty sure its damn obvious… problem is I’m just not seeing it. :smiley:

Well. You can imagine I feel a bit silly asking this question. I’m looking through every movie i can find on youtube to learn operate this beast. Which I’m very proud of to say the least. The learning curve has just been a bit steap. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance. I promise you that i’ll not spam the forum with every single noob question i can think of. Cause I got a few… :wink:

Hello @gnageren If I understand this correctly, You just need to select CUE under one channel, and open the fader up on channel 2. You can use the knob with MASTER/CUE to set what You want to hear.

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Thanks @NoiseRiser I’ll give this a try!

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