Headphone issues w/ VDJ

I’m trying to get my headphones to work with the MC3000 running VDJ7. The laptop has Windows 7 with a 2.4Ghz processor and 16GB RAM.

The issue with the headphones that I’m having is that no audio comes through unless I bring the line levels up. In the Sounds settings, I have Input set to External Mixer. In regard to the Sound Card setup, should I have this set to Asio or 4.1? Assuming Asio, then I should select “Denon DJ MC3000 ASIO”?

Under 4.1 settings, the only sound card that makes sense is “Speakers (Denon DJ MC3000)”. Why would it say “Speaker” in there though? I’m sure that has something to do with the PC config.

Well, any assistance here would be greatly appreciated!

I think you would need internal mixer?

I think you’re right since the headphone does work in that setting. However, I can’t get the (headphone) Monitor to let me listen to the track I’m queuing up next. If the knob is turned all the way to the left for Cue, no audio comes out. As soon as I turn it a bit towards Master, then I get the correct audio through the headphone. I’d really like to ONLY hear the cue audio. Do you know the correct sound config setup for this?

Try switching usb channels under output, sometimes ch 1/2 is master and 3/4 is monitor (cue) or the other way around.

You should be asking on the Virtual DJ forum regarding config for sound etc.

By the way, why are you still using an unsupported VDJ version when VDJ 8 has been out for three years now?

Does the mc3000 have a monitor pan dial (split cue)? It would prob. be located beside headphone volume. If so make sure its turned to cue and not turned to Master.

Pretty darn sure I woulda tried that but will make sure.

You mean on the actual VDJ forums and not here? Good point actually if so. :wink: I’ll give that a try too.

Sorry i should of read the whole thread. I had a second post (which i deleted ) after i noticed you already tried the split cue dial. Turns out you can only delete one post per day in the forum so my original comment is still there. My bad and hope you get that sorted.

I can’t get my cross fader or channel faders to work? I get volume out of the master but nothing is controlled by the faders. Any hints would help.

Hint: don’t hijack other peoples topics with problems that are not identical/comparable. Second one is to upgrade to the latest version of VDJ and follow their hardware/setup guides. Majority of controllers are plug’n’play with VDJ.