Headphone cut out on MC3000 need some help please

Hi I purchase the humble MC3000 a year ago and am just starting to use with traktor 3 I set it up and would normally use via my laptop and using the lap top sound card via the 3.5mm jack into my av receiver in my house. I do mobile djing and would just use the laptop with out a controller so im excited finding out all the stuff it can do.

I wanted to use the headphones cueing etc and started to use the MC3000 setup on the preferences on Traktor 3. I was able to use the controller then it stopped working now i can only use the laptop audio and the MC3000 audio output via unbalanced phonos doesnt work at all now.

Hope someone can help please.

Thanks Steve

Tell us what mapping file are you using for Traktor Pro 3.

Show us printscreens of your Traktor Preferences window: Audio, In Routing, Out Routing.

Hi thanks how can i find out what traktor mapping file im using ?

Did you upload a mapping file for your controller when you did the setup with Traktor for the first time or somebody else did it for you?


I bought it off ebay used so no to that one. Dont know if it was done by original owner either.

Again: show us your Traktor settings. Upload images on external site and post links here.

Uploading mapping files into Traktor is something that is done on your computer, previous owner has nothing to do with it. Since you have no idea what it is, I will guess you just selected MC3000 from the Setup Wizard. You might want to learn some more about Traktor Pro if you want to effectively use it, I’m afraid it seems you seriously lack the knowledge to troubleshoot or even use it.

I have just now the same problem… can anyone help me?

Are you trying to help or not ?

Well it doesn’t seem you were interested helping us to help you, doesn’t it mate?

Seeing the dates of this topic, I think it can be closed…

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I dont wish to be rude my apologies the issue. Had been sporadic and my controller started to work after I used my mcx8000 power supply. I then thought it was a power issue. after some time it started to play up again. My mcx 8000 is being repaired by denon the power supply is with it so until i get my mcx8000 back i cant use mc3000 only got 1 power supply.

I will repost with screen shots.