Headphone cuing from vinyl deack

Hi ,this maybe a simple fix or just me not knowing what im doing. so here goes, i have two vinyl decks plugged in the my denon mixer. im trying to cue from the two decks using my headphones, but i can only seem to hear from my right hand deck and not my left , but if i play both decks at the same time i hear both through my headphones,all i want to do is to be able to cue the start of the records , but seem to be struggling i have turn the spilt cue button but that only lets me hear the right side, do i have to change any of the settings on the denon front or back, an help would be grateful. ps i dont have anything else connected to the mixer i.e computer


Try re-connecting the decks into another channel on the 6000mk2 and see if the problem changes sides. Bad RCA’s or cable on a deck are a common problem.

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a) Are you using split cue because you want to mix in your headphones, or do you have (monitor) speakers and only want the cue sound in your headphones?

b) Split cue is where in one ear you will hear the master output mix and in the other the cue. What you describe happens when you play both tracks (cue on/off not relevant) and the cue-master button is turned all the way to master. You will only hear the master output and never the cue that way. And only on one ear (not both).

Best way to start testing is by switching split cue off and turning cue-master all the way to cue. You should now hear stereo sound only from channel with cue button engaged.

Let us know if that helped.

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thank youfor you reply , have sorted it , thanks again,