Headphone/Cue Output Not In Sync With Master

Just bought the Denon MCX8000. I currently have hooked up to some Alesis Monitors via a Technics receiver with a RCA cable. My issue is when i listen to headphones and speakers, the headphone cue seems out of sync with master. In other words Headphone/Cue Output Not In Sync With Master.

Standalone or PC controlled ?

Hi! Thanks for posting!

Does it seem like the master is behind or ahead of the cue? Also, I’m assuming this is happening while listening to a single track and while attempting to sync a song through the cue?

I’d imagine that the technics would not add a significant amount of delay, though depending on the length of the cable and effectiveness of the receiver, it could be possible. Are you able to connect a set of speakers directly to the MCX8000, or use a different receiver?

Also, as @Jackson mentions, is this standalone or are you playing back from a mac/PC?