HDMI output and video format play

it would be nice for the Prime 4,2, to have a HDMI output in future controllers or a usb dongle that will let you play videos. different video formats or just mp4 video play for the video jockeys and Karaoke use. I do know that you can do that using VDJ and a laptop but it would be awesome to do the same in stand alone like it is designed.

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Agreed fully! This is the one big thing I feel the Prime consoles are missing today. They already play MP4s as audio only so it would be great if an external interface box could be plugged into one of the USB / link ports that would provide the HDMI output to screens, then I would never need a laptop whilst DJing again :grin:

If you search the forum you will find that this request has already been made many times. You could add your comments to that thread so that all aggregate talk remains. :smiley:

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