HDD tidy up - questions

Hi there,

I am wondering what the best route for this is and so advice is welcome. I have a Mac and also use usb/sd media for my music. I want to change my Mac (or at least format and restart) but don’t want to have to reanalyse everything and lose cue points etc… Is there a proven way to do this? One thought was getting a chunky external drive and trying sync everything to it but I wasn’t sure if the original location needed preservation. Advice appreciated (I have scoured posts too but can’t find what I need)

Original location needs to stay, as there is no relocation option in Engine Dj yet…

It depends whether the original location is one specific folder or if it’s littered across the drive. If its in one place then copy folder AND engine library folder. Then copy it back when your reformatted to the original locations. If its all over the hdd then no you have to start again.

This is why its not recomended to run your working library on straight off your main drive but rather to run of of a slave drive. Download music to main drive then transfer it to slave drive, and run library from there.