Hc 4500 controller

HI, first time on this site! Lots of good information. I’m writing today because my HC 4500 stopped working with Virtual DJ 8. The controller will browse, cue up a song and play it, but I can’t get any sound. VDJ told me that they stopped support on the 4500 with the ASIO driver and now requires sound to be done by the WASAPI drivers. They also told me that two drivers are required for VDJ 8 to produce sound. I went into windows audio devices and found one 4500 sound driver that says “It is working properly” but the second 4500 driver said the driver was not fully installed. I’ve tried to download new drivers from windows but windows says these drivers are the latest. I went to Denon download and got the latest firmware release they had (2009?) Questions: Does anybody know if the firmware comes with two 4500 drivers? Also, I can’t get my 4500 to go into update mode. I press the source and the back button but all I get it is the screen asking me if i want a PC connection. I really love my HC 4500, can anybody help me here? Thanks!

You need to message the company that have taken over Denon UK. they’re quite helpful and emailed me all the drivers etc.