Having issue with the mixer an master volume on the Prime 4

so I notice on the master volume seem very off. when I turn it up to the second dot I get no sound only when reach close to the third dot on the unit that’s when I get sound. also when I crank it up more it jump very high.dont feel like a smooth trans action.also on the mixer side on all my gain knobs I feel like I have to crank them up way more. crazy part too when I record its still low. I don’t think my unit is defectived. can a firmware fix that.

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Been moaning about this myself. If I get chance when I get in I’ll take a picture of my settings which is as close to perfect as I can get. I dont think it’s a defect either i just think they need to do some updates and tighten up the VU etc.

I forgot about the vu meters too. yeah it just seem to be off I feel like everything is run on low volume an needs to be cranked up all the way…my gain setting are past the 1,2 o’clock. most of the time I would have it on 3,4 o’clock. which on a normal mixer it would peak as hell.dont think there prime x1800 does that

Just a thought: Could it be that the gain knobs use parametric vs linear curve? Being digital vs analog potentiometers, would it be possible to “fix” that by options in the preferences?

I think it’s something they can focus with some additional settings, making it easier for people to setup how they like it. Upfader curve is another one which will probably be added at some point. The machine does have a lot of potential

IMG_1730.MOV (9.4 MB) that’s one issue I have-not sure if that’s normal

I have my monitors on anything higher than one and mine is the same. I spoke to the guy at the store and he reckons xlrs will help…so I have bought some they arrive today so will keep you posted :ok_hand:

hey ScottyDee! I appreciate you brother on taking time and also looking into this for me as well. even with xlr or rca still get the same results. would send the video but its all the same. I spoke to someone from denon they going to look into it as well into the mixer part too also told them about the recording level being really low. told them maybe they can have a level gain inside the prime 4 when recording too.

While XLRs MIGHT help with your speakers sounding louder (levels and all that), it is highly unlikely that it will change anything on the controller itself. Why? Because the outputs come at the end of the signal chain, i.e. everything will have passed through channel gain, channel fader, crossfader (if on) and then master volume knob before hitting the outputs.

It was more for the recording side of things I think the guy at the store was getting at. Didnt fix the issue anyways it still records way quieter than expected. Hopefully will get a fix soon!

I’ve had mine for a couple weeks now and agree the mixer seems to have allot of headroom built in with the current settings. I have to have my gains around 12 o’clock to be bouncing in the first second white LED on most tracks I have played so far. I also don’t need to turn the master knob above 10-11 o’clock generally as it gets really loud all suddenly around that point. The curves on the EQ are definitely not linear, there are muted at the very bottom of the pots up to the first point then seem to increase significantly from the 9 o’clock point onwards. I agree some settings in the preferences would be good to set the curves and headroom. I know you can adjust the crossover settings which is great but it has no effect on the volume curves as far as I can tell. I’ve managed to set mine up well now but had to adjust the crossovers and my monitor speaker EQs too. Loving the P4 so far though!

100% agree! More settings would be amazing and would really, for me, push this as contender for best controller on the market. All the fancy features and gimmicks are good but I want something that plays smooth and is able to be adjusted to suit the style I’m playing

Maybe worth making a feature request? Just did a quick search and cant find one

I was told by a denon team member. That the master volume is normal. I don’t feel like it is I don’t feel like the mixer part too feels normal. To me it don’t feel like my standards off using dj gear. Coming from using pioneer gear an others. I have never seen this behavior at all. Hope it can get fix one day. Denon did a fantastic job with the whole prime gear! Just need some teaking up that’s all

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Hi Guys. I have noticed large level differences sometimes when i am adjusting the input gains to bring in a new track. i set the VU meters to 1 white light when i am setting gains normally, and a few tracks were a lot quieter. A bit odd.

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So glad this isnt just me…

It’s bad enough the engine prime software is not up to pair. And to deal with this it’s kinda off hard to work with. I give it another year or so for denon to really nail it.

I’m confident they are working on the issues now they have a separate team, but like I said I dont want gimmicks and free trials I want the best setup!

In the big big big picture what one person may never use, will get used by another several times a night : and visa Versa of course

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Yeah I agree. But i dont care about anyone else…haha! I’m joking. Just got off the phone with dude from the store. I had both tracks playing at exactly the same volume, bpm, file, opened up the crossfader so I could cut to check they where the same volume. 12 o clock gain etc. My left VU was spiking at 0db whilst my right deck sat just above at +6. He reckons something cant be right.

I reeeeally want this to be resolved as I’ve kinda grown to the P4 now

There is a technological truth in there, folks. The more complicated stuff gets, the bigger the possibility and the number of things that can go wrong (as in broken). It’s the flip side of having (very) high-tech gear, especially if you are an early adaptor of this kind of gear.

Same with computers, cars, coffeemakers and Internet of Things refrigerators.

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