Having copies of the music collection across different storage devices for use with computer or standalone with the same lighting effects that are programmed

With having copies of the music collection across different devices. One copy is on the SD card for use when doing standalone with a Denon DJ controller without having an computer with me or if the computer being used crashes and need to keep the night going. Flash drive as secondary storage for the standalone controller as the backup to the SD card. Also an external SSD drive for when using laptop. Is there a way to copy the lighting effects I have setup using soundswitch software to be the same across different storage media no matter which one I am using?

The way I currently have it setup is I created Crates with Serato DJ and I had just tried it using flash drive and lighting connected to the standalone dj controller and with the songs playing the lights were not respoding as I have already programmed to do but when played from the DJ software on the computer it works fine. I have noticed also that the crates I created in Serato was not being registered on the DJ controller on its own. I know it uses engine DJ and am not sure if I should just import the crates into engine dj to work on all storage media or is there a better way to make sure it will be the same across all of them. Any help, advice, and tips are helpful

Understanding where sound switch stores it’s scripted tracks, files, in addition to how sounds which associates a song (ie mp3) with the sound switch scripted track file, allows you to be able to edit things manually and move stuff around and manipulate it.

  1. sound switch stores descriptive Trackfiles in a sound switch folder, which is a sub folder of the music folder at least on Window’s machines which is what I’m experienced with.

The files have the extension of the SS file and are along with random, alpha, numeric file name.

  1. sound switch edits the MP3 song file, to add an additional 83 tag labeled, sound switch and containing the sound switch file name. On windows are use a program called kid3 review and edit the 83 meta-data on MP3s.