Having a bit search issues on my prime go

Hi all, I recently purcased the denon dj prime go and I happen to love it. I’m having this one issue with the search engine on the prime go. I wanted to search all my dembow tracks to see the tracks i have but the search results show up with only few dembow songs and i know I have more dembow tracks than that. same thing when I want to search for all reggaeton tracks.

is there a settings for that in the prime go?

Did you use Engine Dj to analyze your tracks before putting them on a usb or SD card?

yes i have done that.

Are the id3 tags up to scratch… not labeled track1 track 2 etc

But did You export to usb in Engine dj or did You just dragged the files by hand without engine?

Select more fields in the search drop down


they labeled by name, artist, bpm, genre, and year.

I exported them from engine dj software to the hard drive i use with the prime go.

and recent have been dragging new songs onto the hard drive i use with the prime go via the engine dj software.

hey everybody thanks for your responses. my problem was resolved. mufasa, helped me out here. He had said to select more fields in the search drop down and i did that and it also worked. Thank you mufasa for your tip. peace out everybody.


Great, that you have it solved, happy mixing!

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