Have Effects hold settings when powering off

The effects units reset all effect preferences when powering down. Each DJ has favorite settings with parameter, beat count etc. it would be nice for those to be saved when powering the unit back on.

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Looks like this was implemented into 3.0 But it says in the mixer area there should be a switch to toggle effects to be reset when powering up or to maintain settings. That switch is not on my setup. Also effects are losing settings as soon as a switch to another effect.

On another note. I have four different Wi-Fi channels in the house, and none of them when paired with the desktop and the Prime 4 are allowing me to access the remote library. It’s nonexistent on my system. Please help with these two issues. Thanks in advance.

What unit are you using? Have you downloaded the latest user guide for 3.0?

There is another recent thread where the wifi is discussed and how to get your devices connected.

I’m using a Prime 4. I didn’t realize there was a users guide. Couldn’t find anything on connecting WiFi . I looked. If you have a link it would be much appreciated :pray:t3:

here you go:

Desktop and OS Downloads + Manuals | Engine DJ

click on the OS tab then expand the 3.0 version then download the little book icon and it’ll give you a PDF.

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I found the manual, thank you. Both issues are still there though. My Laptop just doesn’t show up as a selectable source. I have tried both my 2g and 5g variations in the house on both units ensuring they are both connected to the same network. They are both successfully connected as I did a re install of 3.0 from the unit directly and have internet on the laptop as well. The unit just doesn’t see the laptop. As far as the effects are concerned, there is nothing in the manual that talks about saving the settings. There is some thing at the top of the forum page, though that says that there is supposed to be a button inside the mixer section of settings. That is the only place I could find information.

Correction, there is some thing that talks about the reset affects feature on the prime for manual for 3.0. The manual says it’s there, but when I looked on the screen, it was not. Maybe I just needed to scroll down more. I will check when I get home. Thank you so much for your help. If anyone else has any ideas about why my laptop won’t show up as a device on my prime four, I would greatly appreciate it

I cant help with the connection of the laptop as ive not tried it yet, but i think it may be some firewall issue on your network, someone else will jump in to assist with that.

The FX settings are in the ‘mixer’ section at the bottom, with the option to ‘reset effects upon load’

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Sorry, I guess we were typing at the same time. I will check to see if it’s there this evening, I’m at work right now. I believe it’s a firewall issue also. Possibly a security issue built into my laptop.

Yeah it could be down to your file access settings maybe, more likely a network issue though.

Good evening @STU-C , @BradG, and phps. @JWiLL,

I just tried to settle the new items “Reset Effects Upon Load” and “Reset Effects to Default Settings” following the manual procedure.

I followed your advise and watched the video published by @BradG.

Unfortunately my screen’s last entry is “Split Cue Output”. Finished and there is no deeper entry.

It’s the same overview as shown as in the video.

Big surprise in the evening, so your are kindly requested to give me pls. some assistance, so far as you can.

Phps. here are some more members, who were encountered with the same odd.

Any advise / comment is highly appreciated and thank you very much in advance for your endeavors.

Of course I resetted the system (Prime 4) …

Brgds BeatMaster

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Hey Guys, this feature is coming to the PRIME 4 in a future update. PRIME 4 uses DSP FX unlike the other products that use software (Engine DJ) FX. We’ll let you know when it’s available. Sorry for the confusion.


Moin @JWiLL,

thanks for your prompt reply.

I’ll keep it in mind.

Brgds BeatMaster

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