Hats Off! Firmware's a good un!

Streaming right now on facebook… https://www.facebook.com/sunkensunrecords

First time having a chance to play with the new firmware on the SC5000M’s

Gotta say the high end roll off really didn’t bother me before but now that its fixed, it really does sound soooooo much better! (not that you’d notice on the stream haha) I’m rather blown away by the improvement here in the studio.

Also our buddy who plays with the motor off really has noticed a big improvement.

We still can’t search the comments though right? or am I overlooking something…

Overall hats off, its quite the improvement, they even feel a little slicker!

Cheers Denon!

Tulshi x


Comment search definitely works.

Set search parameters to “all” or “comment”.


Yeah, they can sound quite good even with their remaining audio processing issues if you’re using the analog outs into a forgiving-sounding analog Xone and playing very dynamic, not-overly-dense music like you are. What a fine combination.

They’re definitely more tolerant of extreme key changes compared to the competition. You’re making good use of the key changes with some 4-deck mixing, I must say. Four hands are better! I think I also learned something from watching you about how better to use the slicer.

Most importantly, the Ms don’t any longer appear to have gained self-awareness or become possessed. That’s always a plus in one’s electronics :grin:

I see some of you were using the rotary encoder knobs a lot more than I do. What’s your opinion on 1.3.1’s touch responsiveness and accuracy right now, particularly in the left pane’s browser? Was everyone able to get by with it ok when they did use it?

Finally, how do you like the new Xone 96, and did you get a chance to compare it to the 92 or the 3D/4D… or do you have any (even vague) contrasting opinions on them from past experience?

Yes but how do you add files to a playlist using the new Playlist Editing Features??

Drag and drop

aw jeez… how did i miss that little triangle?

Thanks man!

No worries mate. Here to help. Sometimes bash :joy:


Its a great combo, and as you know, a lot of people who play this kind of music have an affinity for Xone mixers, but they’re always paired with CDJ’s. I would love to see more people embrace the Xone/Denon combo.

I’m sure the denon mixer is a fine mixer and is a lot of fun to use but there’s a lot of DJ’s who would be unlikely to use it for the same reasons they don’t use pioneer mixers. And those reasons while to do with the analog sound, four band eq, send/returns and those filters are also partially rooted in appearance and nostalgia if we’re honest. So I’m really happy to be seen using this combo and hopefully encourage others to try the same.

Thanks man! The key changing is nuts lol, really impressed. I find the slicer works with best when used with whole notes and half notes, and when you stay close to the current slice thats playing.Either jumping just in front or behind.

I cant get the triplets to work for me the way I want them to. I think it has to do with where they grab on the beat? Im not sure, I would do triplet rolls on the DJM mixers using the wet dry knob and/or crossfader set to the master, maybe I just haven’t mastered the denon triplet yet.

That was probably me lol. I never use the fwd or back buttons next to the encoder. I always browse the left panel by touch. I only use the encoder to browse tracks… There’s something nice about feeling each click, and having it highlight the track your reading while scrolling. Kind of like keeping track of the page your reading by having your finger at the side lol.

No complaints from anyone on responsiveness. :slightly_smiling_face:

Love the new Xone 96!! I haven’t used a 92 in a while but with the 96 it feels like how I remember the 92 being and gives me the same feeling when I’m using it.

I’ve owned a lot of mixers in my life, starting with:

Numark Kaoss (first mixer, got me in love with kaoss pads) Stanton Craze edition (P&G faders: best at the time and as a scratcher had so much space, plus some fx - looking back this was still a great mixer) Xone 32 (I lamented the fader but fell in love with the filter and eq also felt similar to the Xone 62 they had at my first residency) Vestax PMC 08 pro (this mixer sucked lol: looked great on paper, fell to bits very quickly) Urei 1620 - Bit the rotary bug - (still have it - barely use it - couldn’t part with it haha) Traktor S4 - (fun but broke) Akai AMX + AFX (great little system coupled with my 1210’s - portable, pretty resiliant and ships with innofader - bit noisy though!)

Now I’ve peaked with the best setup yet! Denon & Xone!!! :smile: Vinyl feel, the reason I was using serato all these years, and now Xone has an innofader!

It’s a match made in heaven.

I should add that another deciding factor for me and 96 was it’s ability to become a soundcard for doing live performances. Also for the facebook streams, OBS receives its audio from the Xone 96 via the USB and then routed to OBS using Loopback! Its pretty darn slick.


I have a DB:2 hooked to SC5000 via digital, can I still join the party? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah, the Xone:96 is an amazing piece of gear (as is the 92). I’m lusting after one and will get it some day. For some reason, they are more popular at clubs where they usually bring in more techno DJ’s.

I tried using OBS but seem to remember it couldn’t do multiple streams at once… or was it ASIO…? I’ve been using Wirecast, but sometimes it conks out and I can’t figure out why.

Check out the full tutorial on creating playlists here: https://youtu.be/lr2zb2mOz7A

Regards Jay

Can you tell me how I create a playlist on the sc5000’s all I can see is the option to create a folder but not (as the video on the prime 4 shows) a playlist. Thanks :smile:

HI @steevo, could you upload a video or image to show this please?

thanks jay, i’ve worked it out now. I was in the wrong tab along the left hand side. Found it now. thanks very much though! :slight_smile:

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