Has Denon solved the MCX8000 screen freeze problem?

With all the buzz around the Prime 4 I assume that Denon will not be manufacturing any more MCX8000s. Would love to know whether the last batch were free of the screen freeze issue that has been discussed on the forum a fair bit.

Would also like to hear from anyone that has sent their unit off to Denon after a freeze, whether it was repaired and came back without the issue. What did they do to fix it?

I see the controller as a great deal that still has lot of current day features. Probably not a bad tike to pick one up assuming it’s smooth sailing with the tech.

We have fixed the issue indeed :slight_smile: It was only for a small batch of 8000’s

Chloe said it. Fixed the one we had with latest firmware.

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Thanks Chloe,

May be a hard question to answer. But if I was to purchase an MCX, are there serial numbers that you know are in the clear?

I’m based in Australia, so on the proviso that I get one that is affected, where would I send mine in? I don’t think there’s a service centre here.

Sounds good. Fingers crossed I get one that wasn’t affected in the first place!

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We have now identified the issue with the screen freezing. Which means if you do come across this issue, we can replace the part which is causing this defect. I’m based at the UK office, and I know our engineers are checking every 8000 that leaves our warehouse now to make sure this part is replaced. My suggestion would be to buy it in-store, if you have a retailer near you, and speak to the Sales representatives to be sure your 8000 is in full working order. Like I said previously, it was only a small batch, so hopefully this won’t be an issue for you :crossed_fingers:


Hey Chloe, is there a range of serial numbers affected so we can be on the lookout? Thx!


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I’d also be very interested in this. If we could have a number range of new units that have been fixed in the warehouse, that would be ace. Then I can check with my reseller to ensure I’m not getting a dud.

Hi @Chloe_DENONDJ, i have a bricked 8000. I’m from Paraguay South America. My question is: If you have identified the part with problems. Could I buy the replacement and change it? I don’t have support in my country and I want to solve my problem by taking the risk. Please help me!