Has anyone here gone from a Prime GO to a Prime 2?

I’m thinking of ditching the GO… No CUE for the AUX has really done it for me. That was a poor design decision and I don’t see it ever being addressed. To those that have gone from a Prime GO to a Prime 2 what are your thoughts on the extra features and the size difference. Was it worth it to you??

I really wanted the Go but when I thought about it the Prime 2 made much more sense for me. Here is how I see it, if you have the space and budget get the Prime 4 hands down, if you need something smaller get the Prime 2. The only reason the get the Prime Go in my opinion is if you have the full SC setup/prime 4 but you really need the battery and portability or you just want an ultra portable Prime unit.

Thank you for your feedback. I definitely don’t have the room for the Prime 4 and the prime 2 will really be pushing it… I do like the fact the prime 2 has the dedicated AUX CUE button… This will make bringing in a 3rd AUX source like a line level turtable, smart phone or cd so much easier than with the GO (where its awful). What were they thinking? Also, is the Continuous Mode in the Prime 2 as defunct as in the GO having that awful pause between songs? Or does the Prime 2 have some Continuous mode Auto-fading options that the GO doesn’t?

Also, the GO has no jog wheel sensitivity adjustment… The slightest touch sets the wheel off if your not careful… Its awful. I know the jog wheels are completely different on the Prime 2 but how is the sensitivity and can it be adjusted?

Unfortunately it doenst have an auto mix feature, but thats not to say one might not be added in the future. I cant remember how the sensitivity works, I have not used my Prime 2 for ages, I have been using my SC5000’s but I think it is a menu option you can change that means you just have to touch it for slightly longer/shorter to effect it.

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I changed. As a hobbiest who wanted something to play around on having mixed on vinyl years ago, I wanted something to occupy time so chose the Go for its portability, battery etc and just the fact it was a small compact powerful unit. Sadly, I suffered the known right deck freezing issues and also a bleeding crossfader that you cannot replace. I sent it back and after almost 6 weeks with no response I lost faith in the support and availability of spares and the stability of the product as I learned how common some of the issues were. I still believe its an amazing piece of kit in concept but a little fragile in some ways. I decided by agreement to upgrade to a Prime 2 and I love it. No issuesm solid as, great sound, brilliant jog wheels and just feels more real like a proper piece of kit. Truth is, I’ve not taken it anywhere so the portability was just a dream and not reality. I’ve got a flight case for it so its well protected and I couldn’t be happier. The only thing I sometimes wish for is just one extra deck for accapellas etc.

Hi, just curious… Why can’t you use the AUX input on the Prime 2 for your Accapellas as a 3rd volume fade in source by plugging in a CD player or a line level turntable or even a smart phone running a music player app?? Especially since the Prime 2 has an AUX CUE function.

The Prime 2 has that appeal to me for being the almost-perfect hybrid of the bulky 4 and compact Go. Especially since I only need two channels and that mentioned Aux-In with Cue adds a handy external option. I also love the sleek design. However, there is still no sign of any Serato DJ support in view, and I am not willing to tackle long wedding nights with many track requests on that rather small 7" screen. So, as a current owner of the DDJ-SX, combined with my 15" MBP and SDJ, I am probably going for the MCX8000 instead. More bulky, but the only 2-in-1 solution Denon offers me, if I want Serato (weddings) + Standalone (clubs/bars) in one unit for a reasonable price.

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I had the GO but had the dreaded deck freeze issue happen so it was replaced with a Prime 2.

The Prime 2 is waaaaay better than the GO, but you lose all of the portability. It’s quite a big controller though and when it’s in a case is not something you can just carry around easily.

Having the battery power with the GO was awesome but, for my requirements, the P2 is great.

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Perhaps a smaller Prime 2 on battery (GO-2) would be the best of both worlds… There all good (pros & cons)… Its really what fits your needs… I ended up going with the Prime 4.