Has anyon used conversion software from ATGR.NL?

Has anyone used this software?

I’ve only recenly upgraded to Prime gear and I had already got Catalina and going back to Mojave is also risky.

I don’t want to break my gear but equally library managemen is currently intolerable.


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The Denon Conversion Utility software is fantastic. Once you have done it, You won’t look back. Customer service is excellent from Peter Mixmaster G. He knows his software inside out & will help you if required to get going. He also has great tutorial videos on You Tube. As an example, I was in a mess too. I am now fully confident moving From Music (I Tunes) to Rekordbox to Pioneer CDJ/XDJ to Denon Prime & Even using Virtual DJ on Mac & Windows too. Best 50 Dollars, I have spent for a long time. Mixmaster G is a Legend


Thanks DJSime5

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