Hardwell Saga

CDJ crapped out on stage or what?

Power cut?

Fuse blown?

Irrespective he sounds really upset

Aw diddums - Grimes looks so different in that T-shirt

Who’d have thought that impersonating a crucifix for some fraction of an hour would make someone so … passionate


I saw this on Insta.

The way he went off like that was like it was some amateur-hour festival with a low budget and dodgy promoters. SAGA festival is run by ALDA and they aren’t newcomers. They have A State Of Trance, do Armarda events etc and run lots of the ADE stuff in Amsterdam. There’s obviously been a mix-up with payment if it’s not come his way.

To cancel the gig like that could have caused the crowd to kick off. It’d pretty much reckless when you hold power and responsibility. Niki Minaj cancelled too but that was due to protests in Bucharest so did it for her own safety. She didn’t claim she wasn’t paid. Looking at who was playing there, it’s a pretty big event with big names run by established promotors.

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Stuff happens, tech issues happen. Be professional, get on the mic and let audience know that the techs are sorting it and keep the crowd going without music and thank everyone for being there. Pretty effin’ simple, never air your dirty laundry, but you know, his ego.

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Could be ego, but to me it looks like the sum of more than just a non-working player. His frustration is so high, I’m thinking everything was badly arranged; flight, accommodation, payment, drive to the festival etc.


The rental agency (@Djaygear) issued a instagram post claiming the fault lay in “external problems” and hinting to a bad computersignal coming into the mixer.

By the way: James Hype sampled the anger-speech from Hardwell the next day on the same stage. He was running different equipment though (4x pioneer CDJ2000mk2, a DJS1000 and a A9-mixer) https://www.reddit.com/r/EDM/comments/1dx3p1o/second_day_of_saga_festival_a_remix_by_james_hype/

This is one of the reasons Laidback Luke chose the smaller Mixtour Pro package.

Then again, it can still go wrong in the chain after the main mixer output…


The fun part about LL reloop setup, he can have a spare unit in his pocket :rofl:

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Not in those tight jeans he can’t

or just use a lightning to RCA …dj of his phone

… Hardwell? I don’t even know who that is. :see_no_evil:

But here is Saskia experiencing technical issues with the turntables and still doing her best to give the ravers a good time:

Love you, Miss Djax! :purple_heart:

What gear, and what was wrong with it?