[HARDWARE ISSUE] Random screen freeze with maximum brightness

  • **Software or Firmware Version:2.1

  • **Steps to Reproduce: Turn on unit, raise the brightness level of the screens to the maximum,laptop with serato connected, channel 1 and 2 in engine mode, start playing tracks

  • **Expected Result:normal functioning

  • **Actual Result:at least one of the screens freezes

  • **Reproducibility: All times

  • **Other Relevant Configuration InfoWindows 10 laptop serato 2.2

  • Operating System & Version (if applicable): Windows 10 version 1903

Hello I have an MCX8000 since September 2018 and until yesterday I had never had serious problems, I imagined it would be because just one day after I got it, firmware 2.0 came out and that some of the reports of other users’ problems referred to previous firmwares or just bad luck with defective equipment, yesterday for the first time I had to act under daylight conditions that forced me to put the brightness of the screens to the maximum and I was surprised to see how they were frozen, I had to turn off the controller several times and it always happened again fortunately this was during the preparation before starting the event, I resigned and connected my laptop with serato that luckily already has a daytime mode that allowed me to work of course by returning the controller screens to the medium level (being impossible see them and forcing me to use only the laptop) mode in which I have always used it and never failed, I have firmware 2.1, I do not understand or find the Logic that the brightness of the screens can cause this problem that I thought was solved with this firmware since now the brightness only has 3 options and before it was in%, this has been a fairly recurring complaint and it is time to have an answer and solution


Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is still a known hardware issue that needs to be resolved by support.

Obviously it is a known problem, what I do not understand is as something as simple as the brightness of the screens can spoil everything I do not find the logic, I had not experienced it in almost a year that I have been with the controller since I always had the screens with the brightness in mid since I work in rooms with very little lighting so the screens look perfect the problem arose when I had to work in full sunlight yesterday and I was left with a ■■■ face because I thought it was a problem solved but I learned from the bad that it was not so, if it is a hardware problem because then we are wrong since an update would not correct it although I return and I repeat that I do not understand that the illumination of the screen blocks the entire device but I believe that the clients that we have This product deserves an answer to stay long ago, excuse my English


I don’t own an MCX, but they stated it is an hardware issue that needs to be repaired. So I guess it’s not solvable with a simple firmware. The workaround was less brightness, so perhaps it’s heat related.

I do not think it is the heat because I did not have time for that since it happened in just a few minutes of lighting and was in the shade but I will try in a low temperature room to see what happens My equipment is under warranty but it would cost me more to move to where I can receive support than the controller itself, I am an electronic engineer if Denon published the plans and a service manual or explained what the problem might be, I could repair it myself (I know that it invalidates the guarantee but there is no other) I have already seen the claim of service manuals etc in the forum, not all of us have a support center nearby I hope that the clients that we have trusted in denon despite living far from their support centers are heard


PD: Checked that it is not a temperature problem yesterday I tested it in a room at 16 degrees celcius and did not last a track without freezing

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There is obviously a change in voltage/currentt between when the brightness is on max and medium. Under normal circumstances this difference wouldn’t have any affect on anything, however one of your display modules have a faulty ram ic that malfunctions with this small change. You need two send it in to have it replaced. Then you can run the unit at full brightness without any worries at all.

If you are an electronic engineer, then you can do this yourself. Replace the ram on the display that is constantly locking up. This is exactly what I did (myself) & my troubles are gone!!

I seriously thought about doing it because sending it to technical service (it is under warranty) costs me more than the controller because it is outside of my country, I just do not dare because the brightness to the maximum I need it only once in all the time I have been with it and disarming it is laborious (I already had to do it for the broken play button) I also prefer to undertake a task like that with a service manual and elementary schemes at hand to avoid surprises (if someone can facilitate them I would appreciate it)


After a while the brightness solution stops working.

Been there.

The MCX8000 let me down peak time at a gig. I don’t wish that on anyone.

At least you bought it when the hardware fix is known.

back then, the forum legend Booth blamed it on every thing minus the unit.

Hi @El_Corsario,

Sorry to hear of the issue. This problem has been identified as a hardware issue but can be fixed with warranty service. Please contact our customer support team in your area to schedule service.


Thank you.