Hardware Filters/EQs/Faders or internally mixed in Serato?

I was just wondering if the the overall “sound” of the unit is processed in software when using Serato DJ (like the Akai AMX for example) or is it all done by the mixer itself? I’m hoping for the latter as I’m not too fond of Serato’s filters and crossfader latency wouldn’t be an issue when attempting to pull of tight cuts.

Then I hope you’re fond of not having post-fader Serato FX. Because that’s what you get by having a controller that has a standalone mixer section when using software (Traktor users know it as external mixing vs internal mixing mode).

The only controllers that have standalone mixer sections are Denon MC6000mk1 (user switchable) and Pioneer DDJ-SZ (non-user switchable) and Serato forums are filled with Pioneer users complaing about it because of lack of post-fader FX. Even Serato mixers like S9 and Mixars Duo (not to mention NI Z2) are using internal mixing mode just to have post-fader Serato FX. They are basically just controllers in the shape of a mixer when used with software.