Hard wired connection 1.4 update

how does this work? i only see instructions for wireless

Connect ethernet on the back of the unit to get internet from your router.

Is that what you mean?

I don’t think wired internet connectivity is possible, is it?

Of course it does. WiFi was only added to make it more flexible for external use.

In the last seconds WiFi auto connected again going to that menu.

Are you sure it has the routing capacity required to route via the ethernet port. The connection to the mixer is at layer 2, so not sure you can bind an IP address (layer 3) to it, like you can with the wireless adapter.

There is nothing weird about it. It’s simple DHCP (like on the X1800). It gets an IP, DNS and gateway from your network. Doesn’t matter which medium you use; cable or air. Cable is more stable and generally faster.

Have you even tried this? The video I just made is really no trickery. :grin:

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I havent tried it - if you say you have, and it works, then I bow to your better knowledge.

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Thanks Reese!!!

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