Hard drive not compatible

I’ve a 1TB hard drive I want to install in my prime 4. It is FAT32, but the prime software tells me it’s incompatible and to re format. Any suggestions?


I assume you are using Mac with OS Ventura?

Then you’re out of luck - you need a Ventura update for Engine Desktop

There are already some users who are annoyed because Denon is not finally providing this

we’re talking about the next few weeks…

very unsatisfactory

I do have Ventura, but I also have the older system. . and its just with the new update to Engine OS on my prime 4. When I connect my HD to the prime 4. . the OS tells me to re format the hard drive, to a format that the HD is already in. . . I’m so confused. . I don’t know what to do

Do you think that if I reformat the HD with a windows computer, that the Prime 4 would recognize it?

IMO you’d be better off formatting to exFAT with that size drive.