Hard drive keep corrupting

One minute everything’s working fine the next my hard drive keep corrupting very tired of reloading 20,000 songs resetting q points come on denon get it together


There must be something seriously wrong with your setup somewhere - bad file(s), corrupt OS, virus etc.

I’ve had Engine Prime on my PC since June last year and not had one single instance of corruption.

Besides, if we do ever have issues with a corrupt database, that’s what the backup option is for.

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Duh…like I didn’t know that

Like you didn’t know what? That you have something wrong with your setup (rather than the software being broken), or that there was a backup option?

Based on what you said about having to reload and reset, I assumed you didn’t have a backup.

Same thing kept happening to me. I got tired of it and stopped using it. Just using serato and VDJ. This software really ■■■■■. Tired of this crappy software from denon.

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I’m doing same also for some weird reason engine keeps corrupting my music I can upload and fix all the corrupt files put them back in engine and it corrupts more files it’s only corrupting wav files hopefully Denon is releasing a update soon

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I’ve had my database crash 3 or 4 times in the last year ish. EP is awful. I’ve never had a harddrive or database crash once on any other program or on any computer. It’s whack. The problem is EP tells me my harddrive is corrupt, but it still works fine with every other program.

EDIT: The main problem is EP and the entire Prime series was released too early. There has not been enough testing done on it all. If they let me beta test their hardware and software, I’d have written them a dozen pages worth of issues. As of right now, I still have about seven consistent issues with the 5000’s and Engine Prime and it’s not even up for debate. It’s all very inconsistent.

No I think you’ll find it doesn’t.

What it says is "“Database of [drive ID] is corrupt and may not work properly. Please reformat and rebuild this drive.”

It’s the database which is corrupt. The suggestion to reformat the drive is not particularly wise of Denon, but is presumably based on the assumption that EP is reading the destination drive (with just music on) rather than the source drive (your computer).

Now give that to me in English LOL So do you think deleting engine prime software from computer and then reinstalling it would help cuz I tried that too and that didn’t work either. I don’t got used of not relying on my laptop was very nice but serato here I come

I’ve found that the only time I received a “corrupted database” message on a drive is when I don’t eject it properly (using the eject button) in Engine Prime. Because I keep my main library on my main internal drive on my laptop, that never gets corrupted. It’s only on thumb drives or external drives that plug in to my SC5000s that I’ve got the corrupt database message and only when I unmount the drive from my computer outside of Engine Prime with Engine Prime software open and reading the drive.

No, you don’t need to delete the software if/when the database is corrupt.

Ininstalling and reinstalling EP won’t affect the database. That’s a bunch of separate files.

Serato uses a database too. Any DJ (or librarian in EPs case) software uses a database, which under the right circumstances can get corrupted.

This is crazy now it even won’t let me use serato getting very angry all this money I spent now I can’t even use the controller :disappointed::thinking::triumph::angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hey guys, I have the same problem. Somehow it says my harddrive database is corrupt. However: Traktor does read everything perfect and rekordbox aswell. I tried re-installing but it doesn’t seem to work. How can I fix this? When scanning my harddrive it says no faults and no problems…:confused:

@Afternoon-delight it’s not the drive itself that is corrupt, but the database of Engine. Rekordbox and Traktor use their own databases, that’s why those can work properly). Official way to fix is rebuild the database (not reinstall software, but remove or rename the database folder), but there are workarounds to be found when using the search of this forum that might work for you :mag:

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I’m just going to use serato until denon come with an update that will resolve this issue I’ve deleted the database folder created a new one renamed the engine folder stuck 2 crate of songs and engine wouldn’t even let them analyzee I had to reinstall hardware on the controller to get serato to work really going to miss using the software in the controller because it sounds better than serato to me it’s just my opinionplus I got to get used back to looking at my laptop when all my focus was in the controller…smh I’m not having any issues with the same songs that prime4 is having a problem with serato playing them with no problem

I’ve bought two additional harddrives and recreated my database multiple times; corruption has occurred every single time at some point on them all. Even the harddrive I’m on now has encountered the ‘database corrupt’ error. I’m not deleting my database just to recreate tens of thousands of cue points and loops again. At this point Denon needs to actually test their own hardware and come up with a solution

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I use an app called mountain 2 on Mac to safely unmount my drives. I never use Engine,finder or disc utility or anything else to unmount drives and it always gives me notification message that it’s safe to unmount drive/s Works a treat.