Hard Drive Full / Now What?

So my main PC’s ssd hardrive containing my complete prime collection and all my playlists is full so I am unable to add new music or do any work on the computer. How do I go about moving my complete database somewhere else to free up space on my main computer without losing all the work Ive put into my tracks. Im guessing I need to move the main database to an external drive. How do I make the external drive my main collection drive and not a device drive moving forward?

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Move everything to the external drive. At least the engine folder.

I also use an external drive as my “master” just not to fill my SSD in my macbook. However I would like to see the possibility added to store the master on a NAS folder.

Now I back up my external drive to my NAS however would like to switch this, it happens often that I want to add new songs and discover my external drive is still upstairs……